Recycling Bin Recycling Box
Mt. Diablo Recycling offers a variety of container sizes to accommodate your company's needs.

Curbside Services:

Customers MUST call in for services below or email us.
925.682.4518 or (allow 24 hours for email response)


CartsMt. Diablo Recycling offers 96-gallon carts for your recycling needs. No need to separate paper, plastics, cardboard or metals. You can put it all in the same cart, it's easy & convenient. Picked up weekly and as many times as is needed.


Bins Mt. Diablo Recycling Service offers 2-yard or 3-yard bins for your recycling needs. Please contact Mt. Diablo Recycling Service if you need a bin. Bins are only for commercial customers that recycle enough material to be emptied every week.

Recycling Boxes:

Recycling BoxesMt. Diablo Recycling Service provides 20-yard Recycling Box to commercial accounts. 15’ Length x 7’ Width x 5’ Height. Please call us if interested in having a recycling box.

Other Services:

Customers must call in for the following services. Please call: 925.682.4518 for more information.


Shredding Mt. Diablo Recycling Service will shred household or business documents that are delivered to our center. We shred documents for a minimum of $100.00, which covers up to 500 pounds. Anything over 500 pounds is 20¢ a pound.

Cardboard Bales:

Carboard BalesMt. Diablo Recycling Service will purchase your cardboard bales. Please call the office for pricing and more information at 925.682.4518.

Apartment Recycling:

Apartment Recycling Mt. Diablo Recycling Service offers apartment recycling, please call our office for pricing and more information at 925.682.4518.
Download our brochure: Mt. Diablo Recycling Brochure