Buy-Back Services: Temporarily Closed

Buy-Backup Services

Hours of Operation:

As of February 22, 2016 the Buy-Back Center will be temporarily closed.

Please check back to this page for future notices & updates.

We Will Buy:

• Aluminum Cans, CA Redemption Value
• Bi-Metal
• Cardboard (No Wax Cardboard)
• Glass Bottles, CA Redemption Value
• Plastic- PET #1 & HDPE #2, CA Redemption Value
• Aluminum Sheet/PTD
• Cast Aluminum
• Aluminum Extrusions & EXT/PTD
• Irony Al Sheet & Irony Cast Aluminum
• Aluminum EXT./CONT.
• Clean & Unclean Auto Wheels
• #1 & #2 Copper
• Yellow & Red Brass
• Irony yellow Brass
• Clean & Unclean Stainless Steel
• Insulated Copper Wire
• ICW House Wire #1

* We take, but DO NOT pay for: wine bottles, paper products, and tin cans.

Please call our office if you have questions or concerns regarding recycling, and for
a list of prices: 925.682.4518

Important Information:

Please review the Daily Allowable Limits and Split Load details below.

Daily Allowable Limits:

There are daily limits on the amount on the amount of CRV material you can purchase from a person who is not certified. The limits are 100 pounds of aluminum, 100 pounds of plastic or 1,000 pounds of glass per day. (You can purchase up to 100 pounds for each plastic resin type.)

The "Daily Allowable Limits" are based on the Department of Resources Recycling & Recovery handbook. For more information please click here: California Department of Resources & Recovery handbook

Split Loads:

If two or more people arrive in the same vehicle with a load that exceed the daily allowable limits, you may not split the load between them.

For instance, if two people arrive in the same vehicle with 200 pounds of aluminum, you cannot purchase 100 from one person and 100 from the other person. If a consumer tries to sell you a load that exceeds the daily allowable limits, you should reject the whole load, or pay scrap value only.

Advise the seller to submit an application to CalRecycle for certification as a drop off or collection program or community program if they are legitimately obtaining the loads. Explain that certified entities do not have to worry about daily allowable limits. California Recycles Website