Mt.Diablo Recycling Tours

We offer tours for all ages. Contact us today to setup a tour.

Recycling Technology

Our state-of-the-art machine allows us to recycle more products than ever - keeping them out of the landfilll!

Mt. Diablo Recycling Office

We offer recycling services for commercial accounts and a buy-back center. We are open to the public.

Welcome to the Mt. Diablo Recycling website.

Mt. Diablo Recycling, a Garaventa Company, has as it's main priority to keep as many items out of the landfill as possible. Using our state-of-the art, ultra-efficient machinery, Mt. Diablo Recycling is your One-Stop Recycling Shop.

Mt. Diablo Recycling offers recycling services to commercial customers, Tours and a Reuse Center.

Here, you’ll find clear, helpful information on our wide-ranging service options and educational tours and much more. Want to know more?

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